S11Total Fitness


Join a small group of like-minded people to achieve your fitness, strength and body conditioning goals.  This is a total body workout using a combination of resistance exercises with weights and high intensity conditioning to get you strong, fit and toned. If you want to feel the strongest and fittest you have ever felt, and ready for anything life throws at you, this is the class for you.

You will receive personal attention and support from our coaches and encouragement from the group.   This type of training builds your all round functional fitness helping you to tackle all those physical tasks that life throws at you with ease. 

In an environment which contains all the apparatus and equipment to support your progress, we foster a positive and non-judgemental approach. Working together we will help you to achieve sustainable results.



A High intensity workout using body weight and conditioning exercises to get your heart pumping. This is high intensity interval training to achieve a lean, toned body and great cardiovascular fitness. No heavy or technical weight lifting simply feel the burn, get those endorphins pumping and never feel out of breath running after the kids again!




For people who want to learn and perfect the Olympic weightlifting techniques. The focus of these classes will be on the technical details, perfecting your technique so you can clean and jerk, snatch deadlift and squat like a boss. Once you are confident and competent with your technique you can start getting that sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes from progressing up through the weights. You will get stronger all round and learn bar skills that have nothing to do with drinking!

S11Teen Fit


13 to 15 years old

Working on weightlifting, gymnastics skills, coordination, agility and more to help teens to get stronger, fitter and more confident while having fun.

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